Sunday, March 27, 2016


     Spring brings with it the promise of the end of the dark, cold days of winter and the assurance for brighter and warmer days ahead.  Many white collar wives and families live far too long in the relentless grips of a never ending harsh winter that brings with it insurmountable struggles and suffering.  This  climate makes it difficult and at times, seemingly futile to continue to try to keep up with the harsh elements that require all of our energy and threatens to blow our houses down.  But Spring is here and brings with it the warmth of the sun and rains that will wash away all signs of the muddied,  cold ice and grit in the aftermath of a long winter season.  We can bask in the warmth of the sun that will provide sustenance for new growth and even the possibility of a garden. The longer, warmer days ahead will allow us time to recharge, rebirth and recommit to growing into the light. We can learn from the young roots that are pressing through the hard ground now after surviving a seemingly unsurvivable environment that no matter how long, how cold or how devastating a winter they had to endure they will indeed announce their arrival and take up their rightful space and share their strength and beauty with us. They will absorb and store all of the life sustaining nutrients they need in the months to come so that when they fall and fade and disappear back into the harshness of winter they can come back to us in their full essence once again next Spring. 

    I wish you all a Springtime of taking in all the beauty and promise of rebirth that this season affords. Winter will certainly come again so take in all of the light, warmth and color you can to recharge for the darker days ahead. So go ahead, get out in it, take up your space and bloom!!

Happy Spring!!!!


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