I am a former White Collar Wife writing about my experience of recovery.

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     I began blogging on the subject of white collar wives after experiencing the devastating consequences of my, (former), husband's financial crime.  My goal was to reach other women who are suffering or have suffered as I did so that they wouldn't have to walk this dark and uncertain path alone. The blog also serves to educate the public regarding the stigma wives and families face as a result of guilt by association.  The truth is that wives and children are the FIRST victims of many white collar crimes as a result of the acute breach of trust and ensuing financial ruin that is brought upon them by a man whose primary obligation is to protect his family.  As a result of the positive response to my blog essays I created a private on-line support group, The Secret Lives of White Collar Wives.  The purpose of the group is to provide a safe and private place of acceptance and empowerment. Our community continues to grow both nationally as well as internationally.  Please contact me at lawlerlisa1@gmail.com for a private screening into the group. (A request made directly to the group page will not be accepted). 

     In addition to my advocacy work on behalf of white collar wives and families I have developed a lecture on ethics in the workplace. I urge all who are serious about compliance and risk to contact me for a compelling hour of "Truth and Consequences: Easy Money Isn't Easy" from a new voice with a new perspective on enforcement. Humans are vulnerable to many temptations and too often fail to consider the dire consequences one bad decision can have on their and their families lives. 


Thursday, March 3, 2016


     The White Collar Wives Survival Guide is now one step closer to publication. It's been a long time coming but the book is now complete. After I figure out how to format it onto my soon to be launched website, The White Collar Wives Project,  it will be available to any and all looking for help as they enter into the nightmare that is "the white collar crime machine". This guide offers both emotional and practical guidance from initial investigation to likely incarceration and beyond. The path of the white collar criminal is laid out before him with a format that has long since been established. However there is only an enormous black hole of uncertainty for wives and families who must endure the emotional as well as legal fallout with nothing but fear and panic to guide them. I hope my effort will help in some way toward providing sustenance to those that seek it on their long journey into the abyss of this life altering event.